Product Expertise & Solution Center Executive (F/H)

 Job description
Reporting to the Product Expertise Director, the Product Expertise and Solution Center Executive has the following missions :

          ==> Competitive intelligence

  • Conduct Market studies / Product Benchmarks.
  • Analyse market trends and opportunities for the various products.
  • Conduct preliminary Market Analysis (competitors and needs) for future features or products.
  • Be the hospitality expert by sharing knowledge within the Product Team.
  • Have an in-depth market knowledge of PMS / RMS.

    ==> Product Oriented Missions

  • Centralize product requests from the different D-EDGE regions : challenge and refine client requests, measure potential impacts, framing development to be performed, sharing latest available information and ensure proper follow-up.
  • Run with the Product Managers and Designers key features (or products) with
    ‘Discovery phases’ :
  • Assist Product Managers throughout the discovery phase to ensure context, stakeholders and job to be done are well understood.
  • Provide pre-existing knowledge via benchmarks, articles, consolidated past clients feedback…
  • Run ad-hoc studies if need be (markets, competitors, features, clients context).
  • Spread Product knowledge within teams in D-EDGE by being an expert in every product as well as mastering cross products interactions and known limitations.
  • Follow Pilot / Beta phases across the different D-EDGE regions.

    ==> Project / Sales Oriented Missions

  • Participate in client stack analysis and solutionning with the coordination of specific client implementations / projects when a link with the product team is needed.
  • Assist product roll-outs in new regions
  • Be an interface with the Sales / Account Managers / Client Service teams to gather their needs and feedback from the field. Liaise with Product Managers On specific cases / issues.
  • Coordinate RFP exercises in the Region and link with Product Managers and RFP global coordinator when need be.

Preferred experience

  • You have at least 5+ years of experience in hospitality technology and/or
  • You have a proven track record of selling and implementing technical
    solutions for hotel chains for CRS, PMS, RMS or CRM products.
  • You are able to adapt to a fast paced environment.
  • You are collaborative and demonstrate an ability to adapt and to be flexible.
  • You have outstanding communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Excelling organizational and time management skills.
  • Languages: Fluent English is a requirement for the position.
  • Travel might be required.

 Everything you want to know :

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